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Hello dear friends and watchers,

I just scrolled over my own profile to discover that my last journal entry was written nearly two years ago. I am sorry for neglecting this feature of DevArt but I more often than not have no idea what to write down anyways.

But for those who are interested, I will now give a short summary of my last two years and then I have a question for all of you. So, if you belong to the group of amazing people who have to endure my rants about canteen food, age-old laptops and lack of time regularly, you can happily skip the next passage.

After I spent a year abroad in 2012/13 (Scotland) I went back to Germany only to move from the coast of the North Sea to a small fairytale-town in Hessia. And this is no euphemism, the Grimm brother's studied here and a lot of their fairytales were collected in this area.
I have been studying History and Archeology in the last (soon) three years and will most likely finish my minor/B.A. this autumn. This means a lot to me, even though I might be ranting about this or that, I enjoy studying a lot. Sadly this reduced my time for drawing as well as reading, as I tend to do my research in the evenings and spent my precious few free mornings with catching up sleep. Additionally I have joined the students council as well as an International organisation for History students which also consumes a lot of time and energy. The latter allowed me to travel to a range of different towns and countries in the last two years to attend International seminars.
I also have started to play Pathfinder (a d20 RPG, offshoot of the more famous Dungeons and Dragons) and also taken up LARPing (Live Action Role Play). I can honestly admit that this hobby is consuming always all of my free time, especially as I am still doing re-enactment (early medieval period) and archery. (New bow <3) On the other hand I can frankly say I regret nothing as especially LARPing spurrs my creativity in ways I never expected. Doing lots of sewing, crafting and so on since I started autumn 2013.

This is also the transition to my question:

What are your thoughts on tumblr/blogs?

I have tried to do some research and obviously the opinions vary between "best thing ever" and "spawn from hell". As I always trust you more than some random person from the internet, I would like to ask you to leave a comment or write me a note if you have any experience, tips and so on.
The reason behind this is that I am thinking about creating a small blog to post my crafts and the small sketches I manage to scribble down here and there. I would like to upload only "good quality" projects on my DevArt account, but sometimes I just feel like posting a half-finished embroidery or rough sketch to ask for opinions and to share my work with you. Especially with LARPing a lot of people use facebook for this but I'd rather keep this seperated.
So, please share your thoughts and opinions with me and thank you for reading!
  • Listening to: S.J. Tucker "Ask me Anything"
  • Reading: The Legacy by R.A. Salvatore
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Okay, so here's the part where I will tell all those extremely interesting facts about my life. Let's see...
Okay, let's strike the part with the interesting.
I'm a hobby-artist from Germany and after a year abroad in Scotland I am now studying History as an undergraduate. Most of my time is centered around university, but in my spare time I enjoy drawing digitally and traditionally, mostly for fun and as gifts for other people. I like to try out new techniques, styles and mediums, mostly with minor succes. But it's fun after all.
I also spent time doing crafting like naalbinding, sewing, tablet weaving, comb weaving and more. In between that I try to keep fit (with varying succes) with dancing ballett, traditional archery (longbow) and reenactment as well as using the woods around my new home for long walks, preferably at odd hours.
I'm mostly here to see all those amazing pictures, poems, stories and handycrafts you brilliant people here on DA produce every day and follow the ever-growing heap of webcomics I really enjoy reading. I also like the well-made tutorials and resources of this site, they taught me a lot more than my art classes in school.

I'm a fan of a lot of different things and styles and simply love them all. I like constructive criticism, because even if it's just a hobby I really want to get better in what I am doing.
That's all from me right now, but feel free to ask me about more, drop a note and so on. I won't bite!


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